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Rollin ropin "TUFFY"

Rollin ropin "TUFFY"
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  • Item #: RRT
  • Manufacturer: Simple Minds Inc.

"If you can dish it, TUFFY Can Take it!" (TM).Tuffy offers Simple Mind's Patented (US D542357S) anti-tip design combined with some Burly off road wheels and tires so you can push, pull and practice your heading and heeling in sand, mud, gravel or dirt with no problems. With Tuffy you have the same features as Smarty, but TUFFY annihilates those gnarly ground conditions making a practice dummy that's tough, colorful, fun and goes anywhere! FEATURES: - Patented Design US D542357S virtually impossible to tip - Burly and tough pneumatic tires to bust through the crud - Head moves 360 degrees and tilts for realistic practice - Back legs are weighted, swing realistically and pull taught for great heeling practice - Provides a great handle and realistic practice for both ends - Wild Colors, custom colors available - Fun for all ages

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Price $325.00